Clearing the Air: Legal Strategies for Combating Smog and Pollution


  • Muhammad Usman Lecturer at Department of Law University of Sialkot, Pakistan. Author
  • Sohail Amjad PhD Law Scholar at International Islamic University Malaysia Author
  • Asif Khan Assistant Professor at Department of Law University of Sialkot, Pakistan. Author


Air Pollution, Smog, Legal Frameworks, Environmental Law, Public Health


Air pollution, particularly smog, stands as a pressing global challenge impacting public health, ecosystems, and the quality of life. Amidst this environmental crisis, legal frameworks play a pivotal role in addressing and mitigating the adverse effects of air pollution. This research article navigates the intricate intersection of law and environmental protection, focusing on the efficacy of legal strategies in combatting smog and pollution. The paper examines the current legal landscape concerning air quality regulations, analyzing legislative frameworks, international agreements, and judicial interventions aimed at curbing pollution levels. Emphasis is placed on the challenges faced in enforcing these laws effectively and the evolving nature of legal responses to combat smog-related issues. Moreover, the article explores innovative legal approaches and policy recommendations designed to tackle the complexities of modern-day air pollution. Case studies and comparative analyses of successful legal interventions provide insights into promising strategies for policymakers, legal practitioners, and environmental advocates. By critically evaluating existing legal mechanisms and proposing adaptive strategies, this research seeks to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the role of law in mitigating smog and pollution. Ultimately, it advocates for a collaborative and proactive approach that harnesses the power of legal frameworks to safeguard air quality and promote a healthier, sustainable future for all.


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Clearing the Air: Legal Strategies for Combating Smog and Pollution. (2023). Journal of Strategic Policy and Global Affairs, 4(01).

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