Policy Statement: Journal of Strategic Policy and Global Affairs

Objective and Scope

The Journal of Strategic Policy and Global Affairs (JSPGA) is dedicated to advancing scholarly research and discourse on critical issues affecting global policy and international relations. Our mission is to provide a platform for rigorous analysis, innovative thinking, and diverse perspectives on strategic policy matters that shape the global landscape. We aim to bridge the gap between academia, policy-making, and public understanding, fostering informed dialogue and actionable insights.

Commitment to Academic Excellence

JSPGA is committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence. We publish original research articles, policy analyses, and reviews that undergo a thorough double-blind peer-review process. Our editorial board comprises distinguished scholars and practitioners from around the world, ensuring that our publications meet the rigorous standards of quality, relevance, and originality.

Focus Areas

The journal covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • International security and defense policy
  • Global economic governance and development
  • Environmental policy and sustainability
  • Human rights and humanitarian affairs
  • Geopolitical analysis and regional studies
  • Technological innovation and policy implications
  • Diplomatic strategies and international cooperation

Inclusivity and Diversity

JSPGA values diversity in its authorship and editorial board. We are committed to inclusivity and seek contributions from scholars and practitioners of diverse backgrounds, including those from underrepresented regions and groups. We believe that a multiplicity of perspectives enriches the discourse and enhances the quality of our publications.

Ethical Standards

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in publishing. All submissions are evaluated on the basis of their intellectual merit, free from bias or discrimination. We enforce strict policies against plagiarism and unethical research practices. Authors, reviewers, and editors are expected to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

Accessibility and Impact

JSPGA is dedicated to making its content accessible to a broad audience, including policymakers, academics, students, and the informed public. We employ a range of dissemination strategies to maximize the impact of our publications, including open access options, digital distribution, and engagement through social media and academic conferences.

Policy Relevance and Practical Application

Our journal emphasizes the practical application of research findings. We encourage submissions that offer actionable policy recommendations and that bridge the gap between theory and practice. By fostering a dialogue between researchers and policymakers, we aim to contribute to the development of informed, effective, and sustainable policies on a global scale.

Continuous Improvement

JSPGA is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of its operations. We regularly solicit feedback from our readers, authors, and reviewers to enhance the quality and relevance of our publications. We invest in new technologies and methodologies to stay at the forefront of academic publishing and to better serve our community.


The Journal of Strategic Policy and Global Affairs is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of global strategic issues and to promoting the development of sound policy solutions. We invite contributions from across disciplines and regions to create a dynamic, inclusive, and impactful forum for strategic policy discourse. Together, we can contribute to a more informed and interconnected world.