Review Process


The double-blind review process, which JSPGA uses, keeps the authors’ identities a secret from the reviewers. In the humanities and social sciences, this style of evaluation is most frequently employed.

  • Plagiarism guidelines

As of right now, JSPGA abides by the Turnitin Originality Report and Plagiarism regulations of HEC (Pakistan).
Zero Tolerance Policy on the Subject of Plagiarism The Turnitin Originality Report for an original script should be 10 or lower, according to JSPGA.

However, the submission of the affidavit by the author is required if the Turnitin Originality Report’s percentage is above 10% (matching/showing the author(s) original/published thesis, article, case project, etc). (s).

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This booklet is based upon “The Little Book of Plagiarism” produced by Leeds Metropolitan University, and is reproduced, with amendments, with their kind permission (

HEC Plagiarism Policy